Companion Services

Aging has many positive aspects, but it can also make daily tasks more challenging. In order to lessen feelings of loneliness and isolation, Our companion homemakers can assist with modest daily activities. We offer support so that you can live as safely and independently as you can in the comfort of your home.

Royal Homecare Solutions companion assisting an older woman
Royal Homecare Solutions can assist you if you require elderly companion services, or in-home assistance for a loved one who is chronically ill or who needs assistance with activities of daily living, Royal Homecare Solutions can help.
Medication Reminders

Medication Reminders

Whilst our caregivers cannot administer medications, they can provide regular reminders for medications and ensure that clients do not miss a dose or take an extra dose.


Sometimes having something to look forward to such as a visit, someone to share a conversation, play a game or read a book with makes a great difference in the world to someone and Royal Homecare Solutions means a companion you can count on.

Using Technology to Foster Connection and Increase Engagement

Social networking is an essential component of connection. Our companions can assist clients to stay connected with family and friends by updating and encouraging social connections via online. A vibrant social life can improve someone's mental and emotional well being. When loved ones cannot be present physically, online social interaction is a great way to spend time. Our providers can arrange for video calls between clients and long-distance family and friends. This could include:
Regularly scheduled phone and video calls
Facilitating online activity, sharing of family photos, music and event recordings
Games and activities that help cognition and memory

Meal Preparation and Special Diets

Healthy eating is an integral part of healthy living. When people are not their best self, it is easy to often neglect their nutritional needs. Seniors especially need reminders and assistance to prepare healthy meals that will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our support companions will ensure that dietary requirements are met by following and cooking healthy nutritious meals and cleaning up afterwards, ultimately adding joy and comfort to clients.


This in-home service can save time and physical effort, which is especially beneficial for people who struggle with mobility, have joint pain, or tire easily.

Recreational Activities

Our in-home assistants will accompany a client to a favorite activity, a family event such as weddings and holidays or even a concert. Royal Homecare Solutions will provide a caregiver that matches a client’s habits and interests.

Live-In Services

In some cases, clients and their families may choose to have regular assistance provided by a support assistant who lives in the home. Royal Homecare Solutions can make these special arrangements available either temporarily or permanently.

Overnight Assistance

Our in-home support aids are available to supervise clients overnight. In some cases seniors with memory difficulties require assistance in the night, our companions are available to make sure that clients are safe and their needs are met on time.