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Bringing your newborn infant home is one of the most miraculous experiences a parent can have. It’s time to get used to living with your new addition now that they have arrived. During this time of significant change, you should not have to feel anxious or stressed out, regardless of whether this is your first child or if you are expecting your second or third child.

Royal Homecare Solutions provides compassionate and experienced staff who are able to contribute to the development of an atmosphere that is favorable to the growth of a family. Our team assists you with your most basic non medical requirements so that you may concentrate on establishing a bond with your new baby while also receiving the necessary amount of rest and attention. You can be sure that our experienced staff will give you the high-quality help you need because they have all worked with children before and had to pass a background check.

We feel that having a dedicated team member who is loving, helpful, and informed in your house can have a great impact on your recovery, as well as lessen any interruptions that may occur when you are working to develop the link between parent and child. This is a period that is both rewarding and difficult. The availability of a trustworthy second pair of hands can make all the difference in the world.

Assistance for New Mothers

Our new mother assistants can provide invaluable support for new mothers and their families. We can assist with a variety of duties and tasks, including:
Help following a C-section:
It might be difficult to feel at ease following a C-section or other significant procedure. To avoid putting any strain on the incision site, a team member can assist you with bed placement, lifting, bending, walking, and assistance in the bathroom. In order to help you develop crucial feeding routines with your baby while you recuperate, we want to make sure your area is as comfortable as possible.
Light Housekeeping:
A clean environment helps the entire family feel relaxed and safe as they welcome a new baby. New mother assistants can help with simple household chores, including cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, and collecting up dropped objects.
An assistant can help with laundry, making sure that your growing family has clean clothes and that your new home is a comfortable place for you and your new life.
You need healthy, nutritious meals to maintain your strength so you can care for your new baby. We can help you plan and make your meals, and we can work with most special diets.
Caring for other children:
While your newborn may be your immediate focus, other children in the home will still need care. When maternity or paternity leave is over, our assistants can help look after older children and we offer in-home child care.
Assist with newborn needs:
We are aware of the importance of having access to close-by respite support so you can get the rest you need while still feeling confident that your baby is secure. For additional peace of mind, we can assist with diaper changes and keep an eye on your baby while they sleep. Additionally, we can pick them up and bring them right to you if you are recovering from surgery to lessen pain.
Companionship is essential to both your mental and emotional health during times when you are unable to receive visits from family and friends due to safety concerns. Companions can help by providing conversation and an ear to listen; Assist in calming any concerns regarding becoming a new parent or spending time alone with an infant; assist with positioning for breastfeeding or bottle-feeding; offer an extra set of hands to provide you with important items for added comfort; and assist with positioning for breastfeeding or bottle-feeding; and provide a shoulder to lean on, giving much needed reassurance and understanding

Newborn Assistance that Prioritizes Your Unique Needs

We understand that maternal well being is critical but often overlooked. Our compassionate postpartum support aids can help put you at ease and let you know that you are not alone. If you are experiencing the “baby blues” or postpartum depression, we can provide experienced non-medical assistance to help you through a difficult time. Sometimes just having a supportive person can make all the difference.

Many of our dedicated staff have families of their own, so they understand your needs and have the personal, hands-on experience to ensure you get the new mother help you and your family deserve. We are available to provide assistance when you need it most, including being accessible to answer non-medical related questions as they come up. We can help you find the right options to create a safe and peaceful environment to reduce some of the worries associated with bringing home a new baby. The ultimate goal is to assist your family so everyone can enjoy this experience.

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