Personal Hygiene Assistance

Personal hygiene assistance is available to help our clients with their basic personal needs such as getting out of bed, walking, toileting, etc.

Bathing and Hygiene

Personal cleanliness is important for many social and health reasons. We all feel better when we are able to live in a clean environment. Our in-home assistants aim to uphold each client's dignity, comfort, and safety at all times. They can help clients with grooming, getting dressed and ensure the environment is safe at all times.

Oral Hygiene

Our support aides can assist clients in maintaining good oral hygiene by making sure they have everything they need to clean their mouths in order to promote improved general oral hygiene


Our clients can benefit from regular mobility exercises on both a mental and physical level. By walking with seniors, our caring support assistants can encourage exercise and make sure there are no hazards that could cause falls.

Monitor food expirations, eating and diet

We strive to provide our clients with healthy meals and therefore collaborate with clients and their families to plan and prepare meals that meet their specific needs. This can include shopping for special diets and working to perfect favorite dishes.

Special Diets and Meal Preparation

We recognize the value of taking care of the body, therefore our homemakers are available to assist clients with correct positioning so they may eat, They also monitor food expirations and discard any expired items. Some of our clients may face physical and emotional difficulties in performing basic tasks. For clients facing these challenges, our caregivers provide exceptional sensitivity and safety.

Eating Assistance

Some of our clients may face physical and emotional difficulties in performing basic functions. For clients facing these challenges, our personal services provide exceptional sensitivity, support, and safety.

Assist with Posturing / Positioning

In addition to assisting our clients with regular movement around the house or around town, our caregivers focus on ensuring each client maintains proper posture while sitting, reading, eating, watching television or using the restroom. Additionally, our home support providers can help clients get in and out of bed safely, enhancing their sense of well-being and self esteem.
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